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Inhalant Allergen Chex™

Inhalant Allergy Test

Inhalant Allergy Test

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A diagnostic procedure performed to identify allergies to airborne substances or inhalants. This test can help identify the specific triggers that cause allergic reactions in an individual.

The allergens checked are:

Derm. Pteronyssinus (D1) Derm. Farinae (D2)Ascarus Siro (D70)Alder (T2)Birch (T3)Hazel (T4)PlaneTree (T11)Oak, white (T7)Olive (T9)Eucalyptus(T118)Cypress (T23)Desert Palm Pollen(T214)Mulberry(T70) Acacia -Mesquite Mix (Tx7)Cultivated Wheat (G15)Grain pollen mix (Gx12)Maize (G202)Mixed grasses (Gx)Mugwort (W6) Plantain (w9)Russian Thistle(W11)Oxeye Daisy (w7) Nettle(W20)Camomile (W206) Weed mixture 11 (Wx11 Latex (K82)Cockroach-Mix (I6X) Honey Bee Venom (11)Common Wasp venom (i3)Culicoides (151)Cat Epithel (E1)Horse Epithel(E3) Dog Epithel (E5)Rabbit Epithel (E82) Golden hamster (E84) Guinea Pig Epithel (E6) Cow/Sheep (Ex9) Camel Hair (E17)Feather-mix (Ex70)Pencilium Mix 13(MX13) Aspergillus fumigatus (M3) Cladosporium herbarum (M2) Alternaria alternata (M6) Candida Albicans(M5)

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